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Fiction for you!

Narrative Magazine contest submission!

July 2014- I have submitted 5 poems to Narrative Magazine for their 6th Annual Poetry Contest!  This is the first poetry competition I've entered, I'll just have to wait to hear the results!

I'm now on scriggler! is a website for authors to post, read, and critique each other's work.  There is a point system that lets us "compete" for a chance to if you're into reading, or writing - you should take a look at this site! (And don't forget to leave me a comment or two!  I'll be happy to repay the kindess :-) )

New collection of shorts

I am going to release a new collection of short stories soon.  I will include Hector and His Half as well as Hell To Pay.  These and nine other stories will make up a comedic collection due to come out...well, hopefully this summer.

Missy Snugglepot - a children's book by Lenka Wanzer

My aunt wrote a children's book and asked if I would illustrate it and get it published.  It took much longer than it should have, but it is finished.

HELL TO PAY: e-book

Hell To Pay, my newest short story, is now available on the Kindle and Nook!  For $0.99 you can read about the first man in Hell and what he has to go through just to's a dark comedy that features a fictional Hell based on many beliefs from around the world. 

Vote  for a future publication

In the SAMPLE WRITING section of this website you'll find a VOTE FOR FUTURE PUBLICATION section...these are short story ideas that I plan on turning into future projects.  Please feel free to read them, then use the CONTACT AARON page on this site to let me know which story appeals to you the most!

Upcoming E-Book / Short

  * Hell to Pay, a dark comedy, is the first installment of a series I would like to continue.  This story is about Reggie Jackson (not the Reggie Jackson, but a Reggie Jackson) who has died and gone to Hell...the only (other) problem is that he's the first person to do so!  This is a story that incorporates many faiths views on Hell, and it is a hell-of-a-good read.  Coming soon to the Nook and Kindle - get ready to laugh!


 2013 promises to be about my continuing pursuit of e-book publications.  My novel(s) are getting lower priorities, but look forward to more shorts!

New Short as E-Book

  * Hector and His Half, a new short story by Aaron Lee, is now available on the Nook and Kindle for $0.99! 

  *  This whimsical fantasy follows Hector the Archer as he tries to impress the girl of his dreams.  While he is considered a mediocre soldier by his peers, he knows there is a special destiny for him...and when he discovers a magical rock, that destiny is brought just a little closer.  If Hector can win the heart of one, he may be able to win the hearts of many, and become as renowned as Xerxes, his rival.


Happy New Year! I'm working on multiple projects, once again.  I have updated the Links page to include The Wanton Interim, now available at  I am busy writing my first novel: Before Tyme.  It is an exciting project about a couple of robots, traveling through time, and the fate of the Mechas, and Humans.

The Wanton Interim: 13 Stories to Eat You from the Inside

*This is my second book of short stories, and it is now available on, the Nook and on the Kindle!

*Do you like to read scary stories?  Are you tired of the same old tales?  These are 13 original works, that will feed your imagination, as the horrors feed on you.  Caution: You might lose some sleep over these.  What are they about?  In What Ink Couldn't Do, you will discover that a killer curse is on the lose to devour people from the inside out.  But Fear, Itself is the account of a tortured survivor - captive in an underground cavern, to his worst fears.  In Midnight Mess a boy discovers that he ran over someone on the road - he just doesn't remember doing it.  The Realtor takes you to a haunted house...and then another...and another... where the only road in town leads to a dead end.  These stories and more will have you turning the pages, and re-thinking what it means to be afraid.

Halloween Project: 2011

Check out my Sample Writing page to read my Horror Movie reviews for 2011. 

Reviews:  1)Child's Play, 2)Let Me In, 3)In the Mouth of Madness, 4)Children of the Corn, 5)Insidious, 6)The Last Exorcism, 7)Splice, 8)House on Haunted Hill, 9)Wishmaster, 10)The Mist, 11)The Grudge 2, 12)The Plague, 13)I Am Legend

Happy Halloween!


  If you would like to experience A.E. Lee's Hallucinations (10 Tales of the Supernatural) and would like to save a couple of bucks, then this is your chance!  My first book is available on the Nook and the Kindle!  Buy it now for only $5.00 and spread the word!

Hallucinations 2nd Edition!

  In the second edition of Hallucinations, I've cleaned up the interior of the book, and even put a new ending on the story called Footprints.  This new edition is available online (check the Links section) or at Hastings in Norman, OK.

My Hands Are Full

In months past...and months to come I've got many projects to work on...from short stories to novels, from art to web pages - MY HANDS ARE FULL.  My first novel is almost half way complete...The Wanton Interim is almost edited, and a thousand other things are just in the beginning stages.  I know it will be worth the wait - but I felt like I should post SOMETHING here just to keep the page alive...check out SAMPLE WRITING - I uploaded a couple new things there.

Halloween Project

Visit my blog to read my 13 horror movie reviews...I'm going to watch scary movies during October and then rate and review them.  My blog is at: 

What's New?

The Wanton Interim - 13 Stories to Eat You from the Inside: Available Soon!

  *Check out the Art Section to view the cover I have in mind


The OWFI Conference was  a Success

  *I highly recommend that anyone looking to become a successful author go to (at least) one of these conferences.   It's a fun way to meet people and lean from those already in the business.  Maybe I'll see you there next year!


Hallucinations (Second Edition): 10 Short Tales of the Supernatural

  *Available Soon!  I reformatted the cover, edited each story - and changed the ending of Footprints