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We Remember, Gene Lee

Posted by Aaron on January 25, 2015 at 1:15 AM

My grandfather, Eugene Arthur Lee, left us in 2008.  I don't know how long after, but soon after I found myself thinking about writing a book for his memory.  It was going to be a small project, very personal, but after talking with a few of my family members I decided it should be bigger than that.  So my short little jurnal idea turned into a family-participation project, and I'm just now putting the final touches on it.

Gene Lee loved poems and stories.  He was known for reciting limerics and bits he had memorized.  I was able to find many of these through family members and the all-powerful Internet.  He wrote poetry of his own, thanks to grandma Lee I was able to publish some of that side by side the popular stuff he liked.  Then I tossed in some stories and memories that the family could share with each other.

With family members' help, i was able to collect so much more, and I think this project is worth the wait.  I should have a hard copy in a couple weeks to proof read, and from there it should be smooth sailing!  I don't think I can publish this book for a public audience as there are many pieces not written by me or my family members, but I'm proud of this work, and while I can't sell it, I can share it with my family.

My real hope is that people will read it, remember him fondly, and then maybe remember something that I didn't get written down...maybe send me an email, and sometime later I can publish a second edition that's crammed with twice as many memories from every part of our family tree!

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