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The Cryogenic Conundrum

Posted by Aaron on September 8, 2014 at 5:55 PM

The Cryogenic Conundrum and 10 other Funny Fictions is my new collection, available as an E-Book and paperback soon!  This is a short description of what's inside:

The Cryogenic Conundrum: In this story, Mr. Weebler is a rich man with only 24 hours to live, but who says he has to live them all right away? Cryogenics is a hot topic - and who wouldn't want to live forever? Well - if you can call this living, then most people would probably give the idea the cold shoulder! Mr. Weebler's main problem is that his time is running out - and the future seems so far away!

"In Good Co." This is a confession of sorts, written by a man who was specially trained how to hold his tongue. When you're working for Good Co., you're in the know. When you get "promoted," you are more likely to be let go.

Train Turbulence: A Prophecy, With Footnotes: This is a humorous and fantastic tale about the future, where planes are built like trains in order to help prevent vicious attacks and hijackings. If you enjoy movies like Airplane! and Sharknado, then you should get a kick out of this one.

Hector and His Half (2nd Edition):  This is a tale about an adventurous kid and his band of friends. When Hector the Archer finds a magical green stone he thinks that it will help him gain the upper hand against his rival, Xerxes the Archer, and win the attentions of Ginger the Baker. Unlocking the stone's power is a trial in itself, and war looms all around them, so Hector must act quickly.

"Road Trip to Nowhere, GA" :  What's so wrong about driving to the middle of Nowhere? When the locals start acting crazy, Jeff and Craig decide to cut their vacation short.

"Half-Baked": This is a poetic/pros piece, about a man looking back on his life and trying to learn from his mistakes. We all fall short at times, but sometimes life lessons are "half-baked" and we struggle to learn and grow. We only have one life to live, and it's easy to say enjoy it while it lasts. Who wants a little more out of it? Most of us do.

"Hard Decisions": a tale inspired by my own experiences. So it's not fantastical, or supernatural. I would call it nostalgic. It's about growing up, about friends and family.

Sooner Dead, than Gone: An X-Files Parody. In this parody Anna Sanderson (FBI agent and medical doctor) must investigate the OU football team. If you think life is slow and uneventful in Oklahoma, just wait until a couple of FBI agents get involved - cause the game has just begun!

"Hell To Pay"(2nd Edition): Reggie Jackson - no, not the Reggie Jackson, but a Reggie Jackson - and his excursion to the afterlife. He goes to Hell, only to discover that he's the first person in all of history to do so! With Legion as his chaperone, Reggie wander through the 10 levels of Hell. I used many cultural beliefs about Hell to write this story, and I hope it paid off.

"Bringin' Back Sis": What happens when a family is divided? How does a city woman cope with the country life? This story has a couple of real life inspirations, and is true to the heart. How far would you go for family?

"Authors of Survival": This story pokes fun at reality shows. This is the show English Majors are waiting for - where contestants write their way to victory! Everything seems to be going fine until the game is taken to an all-new level...the authors are no longer writing for a cash prize, but for their very lives! It's satyrical, it's thrilling - get ready for the show!

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